Friday, 12 July 2013


7 letters for 7 days of the week.  24/7 you never rest.
Starting with a question mark and ending with a comma your journey never ends.  
Through our minds the questions keep unravelling.  
What if…? How about…? Why not….?
All day every day your quest for solutions persists.

Sequencing S, Connecting C, Inserting I, Eliminating E, Needing N, Curing C and Editing E,
You are always seeking for the alternative and searching to alter the shortfalls.
24/7 your task never cease.

Setting the stage for innovation your potential has no boundaries.
Curbing the misconceptions you serve us with evidence.
Investing in talent you’ve created opportunities for many.
Engaging with your neighbours conversations are started.
Never shutting down nor giving up but
Continuously seeking for improvements.

Encourage S.C.I.E.N.C.E to push its borders and eventually we hope to get it right

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BareFoot Countessa said...

Digging your scientific approach!!