Friday, 12 July 2013

Dial a thought - A case of telepathy

Great minds they say think alike and twins are often two sides of the same coin such that the emotions of one is shared by the other. Is this a sixth sense, a gut feeling or a case of telepathy? One thing is for certain where telepathy is concerned, like Liverpool and its die-hard fans, you’ll never walk alone.
Very creative film writers have come up with some great movies exploring the concept of telepathy that keeps us all fascinated in our seats. My favourite of these movies will be ‘X-Men 3’ with a thrilling scene of Professor X and Jean Grey where we are entertained by a mind controlling battle between the two from objects flying to a building being uprooted.

Telepathy is described as the transfer of information between two subjects using the mind without any physical form of communication. As absurd as the notion may be, reports of telepathy have been recorded with the latest being an article published in New Scientist in February this year. The piece focused on the phenomenon of telepathy which had been achieved in rats after inserting a mind reading implant in the brain. Although the researchers are far from the finished work the concept remains a potential to be explored with the main hurdle being deciphering the complex communication network of neurons. These telepathic rats are however not the first to make mind reading headlines.

Sherman and Wilkins in their book titled thoughts through space claim to have channeled their thought in an experiment where they both attempted to read each other's mind from separate locations over 2000 miles apart. On comparisons of their notes months later  about 75% of the content was the same. Could it be mere coincidence, Maybe, maybe not.

One can only imagine the fascination in a future where telepathy becomes the norm as an accepted form of communication. All you have to do is have this device implanted and voila!. Almost like the impact of the internet and mobile telephony today which has transformed communication such that messages get around within seconds. Only this time in the case of telepathy the middle men disappear and we will all be a thought away.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this piece and wish to comment, forget the tablet, ignore the PC and never mind the phone because I’m only a thought away. 

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