Saturday, 19 November 2011

Here today, gone tomorrow.

For a minute nothing made sense and when it did denial set in. This can’t be true. He was here today. She stays up all night waiting to hear the voice on the other line but the phone never rings. She keeps hearing the door open but she turns and it’s still shut. The sound of the engine roars so near yet the drive is empty. She stands and stares out the window but all is bleak. Here today, gone tomorrow.

The knock on the door that dreadful morning had changed it all. All their plans were cancelled and all their dreams were shattered. He was gone with one wrong turn. One life was taken, another was ruined. Two families in disarray from one road crash.  A moments’ impatience and a reckless decision. The damage was done. No one could turn back time.  

She can’t even remember the last words that were uttered. She can’t picture the face she last set sight on, the smell in the corner he last stood was now odourless.  Panic sets in, all sanity is lost, tears roll down her eyes and she’s lost all feeling. She’s ached to numbness, numbness all over.  She can’t think, she can’t speak, she can’t move.  She remains in a trance all night staring and waiting for a shadow to appear, but all is dark. Here today, gone tomorrow.

The sun rises once again and with that a smile on her face. The memory is back, the last kiss on the lips, the smell of his perfume, and the voice in her ears saying “I’ll always be here”. She feels a tap on her shoulder and snaps out of the trance. She turns around but no one is there, just her reflection staring back at her. The tears remain marked down her face but only this time the smile remains. She feels his presence. He’s still near and yet so far. With that she drops off to sleep. The void remains but she is at peace knowing he is watching over here. At peace for one night until the morning light when reality kicks in again.

Here today gone tomorrow. 

In memory of road traffic victims
Thousands of lives are lost yearly due to reckless driving, bad weather and poor driving conditions. One life lost changes the lives of many. It takes less than a second to change someone’s life. Make a positive impact by driving safely. You cannot turn back time. Had I known is always at last. Think! Drive safely. 

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