Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fine Thin Line

This is a deviation from my usual scientific material. But in honor of writers month, thought I would diverse into poetry. Enjoy!.

They were happy once. All was perfect as they walked down the street hand in hand. He would whisper in her ears, she would smile back at him. All day long the grin remained on her face, extending from one cheek to the other. She could not stop thinking about him, about the many sweet whispers. He kissed her goodbye and longed for the sunrise after the sunset so he could see her again. The perfect couple.

He could not wait to have her forever. Eventually she got the diamond and the band followed. They said “I do” and with that the bond was sealed. She was his and he was hers. He loved to call her mine. Call her mine until the morning after.

She got complacent, he lost the will. The smiles and laughter disappeared. Their days were filled with rows and silence. The jokes replaced with moans, happiness replaced with sorrow, and laughter with cry. All night she lay alone wallowing in her sorrows. All night he was out, out anywhere but home. So what had changed since the sweet whispers?

The kids came along. They got settled in their routines. Running around all day, shattered at night. Only the night wasn’t over. He would be home after a long day’s work to silence. The kiss at the door had faded, diner alone with the television and snores from the bedroom. The love gradually eroding. The sweet whispers fading.

Frustration sets in, he was losing his diamond, and she was losing her sunshine. Anger followed the frustration. They stopped making an effort.  The loving home was now a house. A Structure with no life. The line was drawn. That thin line between love and hate. They were no longer on the same side. So who crossed over? 

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