Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ghana Science Book Tour

The Ghana Science Book Tour is a campaign to get science books to primary schools kids in Ghana. 


I had most of my early years education in Ghana where I had to make do with a theoretical educational system. Having the opportunity to pursue secondary education and beyond here opened my eyes to the impact of practical education. 

The only science books I ever read growing up were my text books. Now that I know better, I want to give the children in Ghana the opportunity I never had. 

I want to inspire curiosity and stimulate their interest in how things work from an early stage through this Science Book Tour. 

For this I need your help. I'm raising £2000 to get science books to as many primary schools as possible. 

We will start off with a library of 200 books and 10 schools. Each school will be assigned 20 books per term after which the libraries will be circulated. This way we get to reach as many schools as possible giving the opportunity to as many pupils as possible. 

Please visit the campaign page and support us in cash or kind by making a donation, help to spread the word or if you're looking to clear out your stash of science books for kids then I'll love to have them.

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