Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Storify from "I'm a Scientist get me out of here"

It was a fun, intense but stimulating 2 weeks.
  1. First set of questions from pupils coming through @imascientistand looking very impressive and challenging. Wish me luck. 😄#IASTO
  2. Still here making my way through these stimulating questions 2hrs later. Kinda addictive when you get into it. #IASTO
  3. Today it begins. Looking forward to my first session. #livechats#IASTO @imascientist
  4. Now that was the fastest 30mins ever. #IASTO #funtimes
  5. I've just educated myself on uses of #erbium thanks to these clever kids. #IASTO
  6. Half way through day 3, and the Erbium Zone takes the lead with 211 answered Qs! #IASUK Not that it's a COMPETITION or anything…
  7. On the plus side it's almost time to my next @imascientist live chat. Oh and it's eviction week. hehe #funtimes #IASTO
  8. @imascientist Those were some clever questions from today's live chat. #climatechange #nuclearweapons #seapollution etc #IASTO
  9. Yeah! 2nd week and Survived eviction day 1 on @imascientist. What questions have the kids got lined up today??? It's been good fun! #IASTO
  10. So today, I've been evicted. Congrats to @Imogennapper and@ThomasJ_Barrett for making the finals in the erbium zone.#IASTO @imascientist
  11. @Imogennapper @ThomasJ_Barrett @imascientist congrats Imogen! You should be pleased. Well done Tom
  12. Science is about making a change in the world, if this interests you, stick at it! — @Imogennapper Erbium Zone Winner 

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