Friday, 17 October 2014

New Beginings

To all my silent readers wondering where I've been hiding since the last post in August, first of all my apologies for the silence. 
I've recently started a PhD at the UCL Institute of Child Health and as all new beginnings go, I've been busy settling into the academic life. It's been an interesting transition after working in industry for so long but an exciting change all the same.  I look forward to sharing some of my erratic stories with you over the next 3 years or so. 
But that's not all. I've slightly shifted focus back to my first love, Ghana!. I've partnered with Dr Tom Tagoe to launch GhScientific and as a result most of my scientific content will be posted on the GhScientific site. 
I still remain a public engagement enthusiast and love seeing the excitement and smiles on the faces of all those school pupils as I intrigue them with the wonders of science and promote STEM careers. 
The focus of this blog will now be shifted slightly to public engagement, events and of-course my PhD journey. 

Finally, the latest Big Biology Day (@BBD_Essex) event I organised at the Sandford Mill Museum in Chelmsford as part of Biology week celebrations was great with lots of lessons learnt. This will now be a yearly event so stay tuned for the blog post.  

My next STEM Ambassadorial event will be at the Appleton school in Essex, next month. I'll be at the ExploreSTEM stand advising on scientific careers.  

Thank you all for the support over the years. I'm always open to feedback so feel free to speak up and if you're looking for a derailed scientist to act out a scene from the big bang theory then do get in touch!. 

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