Sunday, 3 August 2014

Round up of weekly Science news

Why Ebola is so dangerous
Ebola is still threatening West Africa’s population and as mortality continues to rise , measure are fin ally being put in place  to curb the risk of infection.  If you’re alien to the Ebola outbreak, here’s why it’s making headlines.

Eating more than 5 a day 'brings no extra benefit'
So there you have it.  There’s no point over doing it.


Exploring 3-D printing to make organs for transplants
3-D printing of organs could fill the organ shortage gaps. It’s made headlines but I was a recent open day at UCl and actually saw this on display. 

Thai surrogate mom forgives couple who left behind twin with Down syndrome
This story reminded me of a BBC documentary about a surrogate clinic in India.  A truly disheartening story and God bless this surrogate mom and all the kind donors for giving this child hope.

Drug-resistant malaria is a disaster. We have one chance to halt it
Malaria parasites are getting more resistant and as the resistant strains evolve so is the death toll on mostly children bitten by the parasite.

Minister Norman Baker wants end to UK animal tests
Lib Dem  MP Norman Baker admits testing on animals will not end soon.

Researchers eliminate HIV from cultured human cells for first time
Reports confirm, live expectancy on HIV infected patients has improved thanks to anti retro virals . Still prevention is better than cure.

Dinosaurs shrank for 50 million years to become birds
Turns out evolutions turned the dinosaurs in to birds. Who knows, another 50years and they’ll be evolving back into dinosaurs.

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