Thursday, 24 October 2013

Why I support the #AllTrials Campaign and you should too.

Did you know that about half of clinical trial data have not been published? 

In January this year, Ben Goldacre together with sense about Science launched the #AllTrials campaign to persuade pharmaceutical companies to register and publish the data collected from clinical trials. This initiative is to equip clinicians and other health professionals to be better informed when prescribing/ recommending medications. Researchers, patients and doctors need to know what was done and what they found, to make decisions about which treatment is best. Without registering trial data, vital information on the findings could be lost forever. If health professionals had access to this information patient centric treatment can be better enhanced.

Listen to Ben Goldacres’ TED talk on "what doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe".

There are lots you can do to support the campaign. Get Involved
1. If you have not signed the petition, please do here

2. You can also donate to the campaign here

This is a global movement and we need more international organisations to sign up. So spread the word to your friends, employers and colleagues and help get all trials registered and results published.

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