Tuesday, 6 August 2013


#culturedbeef has been trending on my timeline and I could not help but blog about it. So what is all the excitement about? Well, If you missed it a Dutch scientist (tissue engineer to be specific) by name of Mark Post has produced meat in the lab and here’s how.

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This is not the first time scientist have grown something out of nothing (to use the term loosely) but only this time #culturedbeef had its own special air time where the public could witness a burger being made from #culturedbeef. A pretty dear media spectacle but let’s not get moral about how Sergy Brin wishes to spend his billions because I for one enjoyed watching the Monday episode of Saturday kitchen. I did however wonder if the pair were neighbours or perhaps belonged to the same golf club. (Random thoughts).

Here’s a recap of the verdict.

Am I excited by it, ofcourse! This is yet again another scientific advancement which could be applied to several other processes. But is there any point to this? Considering the cost of production is much higher than rearing cattle that is enough reason to mark it down as low priority and perhaps try growing limbs instead. And if you want to argue the risk of disease wiping out a whole herd of cattle then you have no idea what a contaminated culture batch cost. 

As Mark Post rightly said his intention was to prove it could be done and not to create a cultured meat aisle in our supermarkets.
So the next time you 'google' Mark Post he’ll be known for trending with his #culturedbeef. 
Would I buy it if a pound sold for a penny, NO CHANCE!

    1. Burgers made in a lab: would you eat it? What do you think about the concept??
    2. no chance. Artificial meat!!!!!!! That's just wrong.
    3. Why? Genuinely interested to know RT “: no chance. Artificial meat!!!!!!! That's just wrong.”
    4. wldnt eat my diner in d lab, never mind meat. Surely itl be cultured aseptically? Lets say I'm a butcher so I dnt eat meat.
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  1. Fat free burger - isn't that suppose to be a good thing? Not if its grown in the lab.
  2. Close to meat but not that juicy.

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