Friday, 8 March 2013

A women's day piece

Women's days is here once again. This year my thoughts have drifted away from women in science to a  more general outlook on women through this short piece. Enjoy!!!

Loving yet ruthless, weak yet strong,  run down but yet you press on.
The typical description of your average woman.
A priceless gem so appealing to all.
Faced with any situation and she is sure to triumph.
Through the darkness she spots the light.
Like the leaves changing with the seasons yet the stump remains deeply rooted in the ground. Such is the gift of a woman.

Making ends meet, keeping the family together, looking out for everyone else without a second thought for herself, toiling on from dawn till dusk when she finally catches a moment for herself. Feet up, head on the pillow and the sunrises once again ready to face another day.

With every sunrise comes a smile, the smile worn for victory. Victory from living to combat another day.
With as many hands as the octopus, no one can multitask as efficient as the woman.
Be it the hawker on the street, the rejected lady with no shelter at night, be it the teenager dropping out of school or the little girl facing abuse, each one has a success story to tell.

She braves the storm, breaks the rules and against all odds live on to fight still wearing that smile of victory.
Fight for our liberation, for our rightful place in society, fight for our voice to be heard.
Today we have taken our seat at the table and with laughter we can shout from the roof tops.
We are here to stay. Women's day is here to stay.

Happy international women's day to all you women out there.

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