Friday, 14 December 2012

Recognsing Science Bloggers

Thanks to Good Thinking who recently organised a Science blog prize night in association with Soho Skeptics, I've come across an exciting list of  keen science bloggers out there i'll like to share with you.

Below are the shortlisted nominations, with links to their amusing and educative named blogs;
  1. Stuart Clark: Across the Universe
  2. David Colquhoun: DC’s Improbable Science
  3. Ed Yong: Not Exactly Rocket Science
  4. AndrĂ© Tomlin: The Mental Elf
  5. Suzi Gage: Sifting the Evidence
  6. Dorothy Bishop: BishopBlog
  7. Neuroskeptic: Neuroskeptic
  8. Oliver Childs, Henry Scowcroft & Kat Arney: Cancer Research UK Science Update
  9. Dean Burnett: Brain Flapping
  10. Athene Donald: Athene Donald’s Blog

And the winner is????????? David Colquhoun of DC’s Improbable Science and Suzi Gage of Sifting the Evidence

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