Wednesday, 2 May 2012

So I ask Science.... What have you ever done for me

Ever heard of Sense about Science? Well, as the name implies it's all to do with making sense about science.
Sense about Science is an organisation who are all about equipping people to make sense about science by asking for evidence. 


Their popular 'ask for evidence campaign' which has been running for a few years now has been successful in combating some gut turning misleading scientific headlines by contacting the perpetrators and asking for evidence. More often than not, they are found wanting and left to think twice about misleading the public with false evidence. Find out more and join the campaign here
So to all you perpetrators out there, watch out, sense about science will be asking for evidence to the claims and you better have a concrete one or face the wall of shame.

The 23rd of April was a very special day for Science. About 300 delegates from the science world including representations from the voice of young scientist network assembled at the Royal institute of Medicine to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sense about Science as part on the annual lecture. The topic for this years lecture which was given by Lord Taverne was "What has Science ever done for us".   Lord Tavern founded Sense about Science in 2002 and today his vision to ask for evidence and make sense about science continues, wow he's not even a Scientist. Lord Taverne Studied philosophy and ancient history at Oxford, he then joined the bar and later took up a career in politics.  
In his lecture Lord Taverne summarized the progress science has made from the days of superstitions to today's enlightenment of humankind.

Overall, an educative and inspiring evening on Scientific progress 

Here's a podcast of the lecture.


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