Saturday, 11 February 2012

Networking event

I went to my first official networking event last night and I'm pleased to say it was a Ghanaian gathering organised by the Ghanaian londoners team and held in Holloway, London at KC's. The event was to bring together like minded residents in the uk with interest in Ghana to network, share ideas and promote business.

The function was scheduled to start at 8pm and as is typical of GMT (Ghana man time) the event started about an hour later than scheduled and so felt a bit short lived at the end. Still the atmosphere remained very vibrant and attendees just kicked off mingling whiles waiting. As they say, 'Great minds think alike' hence there were no awkward moments of silence nor reserved participants. Everyone was chatty and very friendly.  What I found inspiring about the occasion was the youthful age of the participants and the enthusiastic attitude of all present.

Among those present was James Clive Taylor of Scratch studios - Ghana who aims to promote Ghana hi-life / Hip-life music in the diaspora. It was the first I heard of Scratch Studios so I got back home and had to satisfy my curiosity. I was pleased with my discovery. Find out about scratch studios here.

Obviously we had the organizer and her team present in our midst. Adwoa Agyemang, an obvious proud Ghanaian and social entrepreneur with passion for youth entrepreneurship and women empowerment is the founder of the Ghana Londoners Network as well as Women in Enterprise (WE). Ghanaian Londoners is now in its third year and remains focused in it's vision to becoming the leading organisation promoting enterprise, investment opportunities and development for Ghanaians' in the Diaspora
Following on in her quest to promote women empowerment, Women in Enterprise aims to promote and acknowledge  women in the community, who are dedicated to economic growth and community development. Now in it's second years the WE awards ceremony is scheduled for November 2012 and nomination are now open.
The host of the event, a graduate from the Young enterprise Program (YEP) also organised by Ghanaian Londoners was pleasant, professional and one to watch. Find out about the YEP project here
Another youngster to watch who goes by the name of Rebecca, the second YEP project graduate at the event is a first year fashion and textiles student from the University of Creative Arts (UCA) who aims to specialize in making her own African themed textiles for the bridal market. 
Also present was Lorna Asante, a Model & Actress.  View her portfolio here -
My best discovery of the evening however, was the Ghana Language School(GLS) run by Naomi Fletcher and her husband. They cater for all your business, tourism and just for fun needs where  knowledge of a Ghanaian language is required. Meet Naomi here to find out more about the GLS. .
Others present include representation from the 'Proud to be African' Clothing line -, Photographer and creative director Xenophon Ankrah of Filter -, upcoming entrepreneur Nannette, Dr. Richard Armah of Groves Dental Centre in Surrey, Provident financial services and finally the face behind the Azonto fitness class in London. If you live in the London vicinity you should definitively go check them out. To satisfy my curiosity I hope to visit the class soon.

Can't say I was surprised there were no scientist present. Overall, the event was certainly a Friday night well spent and I will endeavor all to be a part of the next gathering scheduled for sometime this year. There is a fun speed networking session and you even get complimentary tea and coffee delivered straight to your hands. United we stand!!!!!

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