Friday, 23 December 2011

My Year in Review

We have about 8 days to the end of the year and as is mostly done at this time of the year,I have taken a moment out to review the highlights and experiences of my year. I personally believe in the need to share your story to inspire another. Unknown to you, there is always someone out there who takes inspiration from your experience.

In January this year I started the second semester of my MSc program. I contemplated with the idea of postgraduate study for about three years before finally making the move. It was a choice between continuing in employment and enjoying the luxury of a comfortable payroll or taking the chance to resign and go back to student life. For most people the decision to pursue post graduate study  is hindered by funding but I am blessed enough to have the best dad ever who has always been supportive and sacrificed his all to give us (my three brothers and I) the best and without whom it would not have been possible.

In July, I had an interesting experience of being in the company of male strippers at my friend’s hen night. Also my first ever hen party. It sure was a fun night. Within that same time frame I finally had a meal on a boat in aid of my own hen party which I’ve wanted to do since my 21st birthday. We had a life orchestral performance and you could serenade in the music whiles enjoying your meal. From the scenery to the music to the meal, it was simply beautiful.

On the 2nd – 4th September I married my darling husband in our home country Ghana over a three day ceremony amongst the love and support of our friends and family. This is the number one highlight of my year. It was certainly not a smooth ride all the way but by God’s grace we got there in the end. It  was a beautiful and expensive experience and I’ll do it all over again. We met some amazing people, enjoyed luxurious pamper sessions, ate mouth-watering dishes, stayed in some great and not so great hotels and ventured on some daring roads. There certainly is no place like home.

By mid-September my MSc program had officially come to an end with the final poster presentation of my dissertation. At the end of October my official transcripts was released and I made an impressive first class on my dissertation. This makes number two of my greatest achievements this year considering it was an independent practical work, I had a late start due to ethical concerns of working with human blood samples and as is expected with any experiment, there’s always setbacks in collecting data. Aside all this I still managed to submit the final report two weeks before the deadline.  This is just an example of believing in your own ability and what you can achieve from hard work when you put your mind to it.

In the month of October since leaving university and on the job hunt, I set up my blog and actively started tweeting. In two months I currently have 54 followers and just posted my 429th tweet. I have learnt so much from tweeter and would advise anyone who is not currently tweeting to consider giving it a go. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I also finally found a church I can worship with since moving to my husbands and joined the church choir. They have become another family and every time spent practising and singing with them is so uplifting and enjoyable. I seek to grow and develop in my walk with Christ over the days ahead and in the New Year.

In November, I had the opportunity to for the first time be part of a TED event, TedxEuston. It was such an inspiring occasion and I can’t wait for TedxEuston 2012. You can read the summary of the day’s event on my blog.

Other minor highlights include my first zumba class which was a total let down. There I was looking to get into an enjoyable fitness routine and I found myself in the midst of an unfit group, with slow, non-energetic movements and the instructor looked like he was struggling with his own routines. That’s put me off zumba for now although I’ve decided to get the zumba fitness dvd on the wii.

Now it’s the month of December and I wrote my first Christmas cards this year. I was probably just incentivised by the idea of getting to sign from my husband and I. lol.  

My recommended movie of the year would be “finding a family” Written by Pamela Wallace and directed by Mark Jean. My recommended book of the year would be “The immortal life of Henrietta lacks” by Rebecca kloot. This would probably be best appreciated by scientist but makes a good read all the same for the curious mind. The Royal wedding would stand out as the best TV/events of the year and in the terms of the news, the end of the Iraq war would top the list.  

The year did have its challenges but what is life without its peaks and troughs? These just gear you up to press on and quoting the words of kirk franklin, “even though I hurt, see I smile”. Overall, it has been an amazing year and there are greater things to come in the coming year. I am most certainly looking forward to the Olympics.

To my always loving, always supportive family, my husband and friends, thank you all so much for being a part of such a fruitful year. I am such a happy individual living a very fulfilled life and it's all because of you and above all by the obvious grace of God. It would not have been the same without you. 

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

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pb said...

Hanat, I am blessed to have been a part of your year, 2012 holds growth, progress and perseverance through challenges. Our Motto: With God, all things are possible. There are no hindrances and limitations. Much love.